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     Continuing investment in equipments and instruments, including performance improvement and renewal and even new lab establishment, The department of electrical engineering has 6 teaching laboratories and 12 research rooms. The well-equipped laboratories satisfy all levels of experiment training and specific topic projects. The laboratories are Digital Signal Processing(DSP) Servo Motor Driver / Automatic Control / Embedded System laboratory, Electronic laboratory, Power Electronics laboratory, Computer Aid design(CAD) laboratory, Electric Machinery laboratory and Opto-Electronic laboratory.


Laboratory Name Laboratory location Administrant
DSP Servo Motor Driver Design /Automatic Control/ Embedded System LAB M101 Cheng-Hung Tsai
Opto-Electronic LAB M303  Kun-yi lee
Electronic LAB M403 Tsung-Huang Hsieh
Power Electronics LAB M401 Jui-Piao Yang
Computer Aided Design(CAD) LAB M301 Kun-yi lee
Electric Machinery LAB M-B101 Tsung-Huang Hsieh